Since 2010, MEIA STUDIO ensures creation, production and implementation of interior architecture projects and layouts.

Don’t we say that the most important is the inner beauty? This is also true for your home! MEIA STUDIO will help making it more beautiful from the inside!

For MEIA STUDIO designing a space is thinking that nothing is impossible and going beyond your expectations to surprise you and make your home a vector of identity and a source of well-being.

Your entire project is designed conjointly to ensure overall consistency, optimum and harmonized results. Space arrangement, technical choices, moods, materials, colors, technology … are as many dimensions that MEIA STUDIO integrates from the very beginning in its design process.

MEIA STUDIO leads the project to completion, in rational and poetic detail, playing with space, light and client individuality, to create not only operational and comfortable places, but also reflect the occupant personality.


Riveted to simplicity, nature and the essence of things, Ritone Gaubaite, founder of MEIA STUDIO in 2010, pays primary attention to details of objects. Quite in flexibility and precision, she designs architecture on the intimate scale of everyday life.
When initiating a project, the creative process arises primarily from an exchange with the client. From this richness of words, writings and discussions emerge a kind of balance, allowing to turn ideas into a visible reality by offering solutions that are both original and competitive.
She metamorphoses volumes, plays with materials and colors, designs furniture and select decorative objects.
UNAID qualified member (National Union of Architects and Interior Designers)
VSI ASAI (Swiss Association of Interior Architects)
Member of MA74 office (House of Architecture Haute Savoie)